9W Zigbee3.0 RGBCCT LED Downlight

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9W Zigbee3.0 RGBCCT LED Downlight

1.Compatible with LM091 and WR01RF remote controller.

2.Works on Philips Hue and Samsungs smarttings bridge control.

3.Support the third party voice control.

4.Dimming/16 millions color to choosing/saturation control/color temperature adjustable.

5.Application:used in various types of places such as home, hotel, showing room etc.

6.Three years warranty.


LM071Z is a recessed smart LED downlight, using the advanced technology of Zigbee3.0.It is compatible with the most well-known brand speakers, such as Alexa and googles assistant. It can be controlled by a smartphone APP, RF remote, and smart speaker, which makes your light more intelligent. This smart downlight is widely used for residential lightings such as living rooms, kitchen rooms, bedrooms, and commercial lighting like offices.

9W Zigbee RGBCCT LED Downlight Features:

1. Zigbee RGBCCT LED Downlight is the most popular smart lighting that is mainly used for smart home and office. It has below major features:     

2. Instructions

(1)Please open the hole on the ceiling according to diagram 1. (For the size of the hole , pls refer to the diameter of the corresponding model)

(2)Connect the driver properly according to the wire connection diagram 2. And then put the driver and wire into the ceiling from the hole.

(3)Push in the two spring elements, and make sure that they are deployed and anchored on the back of the ceiling, see Diagrams 3 and 4.


3. Connect to Smartphone

You must link the Tuya Zigbee 3.0 Gateway first to the smartphone, then add the Zigbee downlight to Zigbee gateway for smartphone control.

How to connect Zigbee gateway to a smartphone. (Note: All Tuya Zigbee 3.0 gateway in the market can work on our Zigbee controller; Here we use our Zigbee 3.0 gateway for example).

First, Power the ZigBee gateway, and long press the “SET” button until the red indicating lamp blinking.

Second, when the red indicating lamp blink, open the Smart Life APP, and press “Add Device”.

It will discover the new device automatically, then Press “Add” to complete the linking.

(1)Add the Zigbee downlight to the linked zigbee gateway.

First, power ON-OFF 3 times(ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON) or long-press linked remote zone ON button, when the purple light blinks 3 times means the downlight comes into smart link mode.

(Note: when the downlight is on the smart link mode, please finish the linking within 3 minutes, after 3 minutes the downlight will stop smart link mode, you need to do the above steps again).

Second, Press ”Add new devices” on the APP, it will automatically find the Zigbee device, then complete the linking. The added device will be displayed on the homepage after being added successfully, then Click the device you want to control to enter the control interface.

4. Signal Transmitting

One Downlight can transmit the signals from the remote control to another Downlight within 30m, as long as there is a Downlight within 30m, the remote control distance can be limitless.

5. Modes Synchronization

Different downlights can work synchronously when they are started at different times, controlled by the same remote, under the same dynamic mode, and within a 30m distance.

As is seen above, the Zigbee3.0 RGBCCT LED Downlight is the most intelligent lighting, which combines multiple functions and is easily integrated into the smart home control system. It will be used for more and more lighting projects.

  Product Name  9W Zigbee3.0 RGBCCT LED Downlight
  Brand   Laimi
  Type   LM071Z
  Power   9W
  Input Voltage   AC110V~240V 50Hz/60Hz
  Color Temperature   2700K~6500K
  Luminous Flux   720LM
  Luminous Efficiency   80LM/W
  CRI   >80
  Certification   CE/RoHS/FCC/
  Lifespan   50000Hrs
  Beam agnle   120°
  Control distance   30m
  Hole size   ø110~125mm
  Controller Type   APP control/RF Remote/Voice Control
  Control Method   Zigbee3.0/2.4G RF
  Working Temperature   -20~60℃

  Smart lighting/Smart home

  APP Name   Tuya Smart Life
  System    iOS/Android
  Warranty   3 years
  Weight   200g