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Laimi Technology specializes in providing OEM services. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn your designs and ideas into reality, offering customized smart LED products. With us, you have the freedom to customize colors, patterns, logos, materials, and more to meet your specific needs. Our team is equipped to handle every aspect of customization. Let us bring your vision to life and create a truly unique smart product for you today!

WiFi&BT 5 in1 LED Controller

WiFi 5 in 1 LED controller integrates RGB management, CCT adjusting, and dimming function.

Zigbee3.0 5 in 1 LED Controller

Zigbee 5 in 1 LED controller makes your LED strip light more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

WiFi&BT RGB LED Controller

RGB LED controller is suitable for DC12V-24V RGB LED strip light.

RF RGBCCT LED Controller

Our RF RGBCCT LED controller have high-precision pairing and transmission features.

AC Zigbee3.0+RF LED Knob Triac Dimmer

The Zigbee AC LED triac dimmer enhances the intelligence and convenience of traditional lamps in smart home applications.

AC WiFi+RF+Push Dim LED Triac Dimmer

Small and unique design that fits perfectly into the 86*86 wall junction box.

Wide Range of Applications with LAIMI Smart Lighting

Experience a world of possibilities with LAIMI smart lighting. From homes to hotels, cars to retail spaces, our versatile range of applications has you covered. Seamlessly integrated with Tuya smart life and our proprietary technology, you have complete control over your lighting setup. Customize RGBW static and dynamic modes to create the perfect ambiance for any scene. Let LAIMI smart lighting redefine your light experience.

LAIMI Smart Lights and LED Controllers for Home Automation

LAIMI Smart Lights and LED Controllers for Home Automation

LAIMI Smart Lights and LED Controllers can be worked with smart home devices which are configured with Tuya Smart Life control system or Philips Hue or Samsung Smart things bridge, you can use only one APP to control your home appliances, also can be …

LAIMI Smart GU10 Spotlight for Bedroom

LAIMI Smart LED Spotlight for Bedroom

Experience the ultimate comfort with LAIMI Smart Indoor LED Lighting. Designed to enhance your bedroom environment, our lights offer dimming capabilities and adjustable color temperature, allowing you to create a cozy and soothing atmosphere for a restful sleep…

LAIMI Smart LED GU10 Spotlight for Room Decoration

LAIMI Smart LED Spotlight for Room Decoration

Smart LED Lighting has become immensely popular due to its cost-efficiency and versatility in illuminating spaces. With lightweight designs, easy installation, and flexibility, LED lights have revolutionized the lighting industry…

LAIMI Smart LED Downlight For Entertainment and Leisure

LAIMI Smart Lighting For Entertainment and Leisure

As life continues to evolve, the demand for entertainment and leisure experiences has grown significantly. LAIMI understands this shift and offers smart lighting solutions, coupled with an advanced control system, to elevate your family’s or guests’ experience while also promoting energy efficiency…

LAIMI Smart LED Controllers for Campervans Decoration

LAIMI Smart LED Controllers for Campervans Decoration

LED strips and lights, along with smart LED controllers, have become increasingly popular for decorating various spaces such as rooms, hotels, retail spaces, and buildings. However, as people seek new experiences, they are now venturing into camping tours using campervans…

LAIMI Smart Ground Light For Landscape

LAIMI Smart Ground Light For Landscape

LAIMI Smart Ground Light is an excellent choice for outdoor landscape lighting. It is designed with IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring its durability and performance even in rainy weather conditions. With a safe working voltage of 24V, it guarantees the safety of users…

Our products are powered by Tuya chips and seamlessly integrate with the Tuya Smart Life app. Utilizing 2.4GHz wireless technology, our products offer low power consumption, long signal transmission, and strong anti-interference capabilities. They are perfect for controlling indoor and outdoor lighting with ease and efficiency.

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Welcome to the captivating world of smart colorful lighting brought to you by Shenzhen You Lai Mi Technology Co., Ltd!

As a high-tech enterprise based in Shenzhen, China, we are dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of a wide range of smart LED lighting solutions. Our product portfolio includes smart LED controllers, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and more – all powered by the innovative Tuya Smart System.

At Shenzhen You Lai Mi, we take pride in being a leading manufacturer in the smart LED field, and we will continue to hold that position. Our team is committed to generating fresh ideas and developing new products that push the boundaries of LED lighting technology. With us, you can be confident that you are at the forefront of the smart LED lighting revolution.

Join us on this illuminating journey and experience the brilliance of our smart LED lighting solutions. Together, let’s light up the future!

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