How to brighten your home theatre, living room or media room

If you have a home theatre or a living room or media room which use to watch TV, game, and just hang out, there are always several ways you can improve your viewing experience. You can use the smart lighting to decorate the TV or media room. By adding different types of smart lighting you can add a sense of atmosphere, make your room cozier, or change the mood by simply changing your colour scheme.


There are a lot of options when choosing smart lighting for your home theatre or media room. To create the perfect home theatre, you’ll want to layer your lighting. The two types of smart bulbs or smart lights you can add to a home theatre are colour-changing lights or white lights. White lights are a lot like standard light bulbs in that they are only white. You can dim them or brighten them, but don’t change colour. Color-changing smart lights can change RGB RGBW RGBCCT into any colour you can imagine. Depending on the type of smart bulb you choose your lights could change to millions of colors.


Whether you choose colour changing or white smart lights, you’ll find they have a lot of great features that make it easy to control your media room lighting. Some connect to the voice control party so you can use voice commands to turn them off on or dim them. Others work via services like IFTTT so you can set rules for them to turn off and on or change colour.


It’s so easy to improve your home theatre,living room or media room with smart lighting. All it takes is a few hours of your time to design and you can add a few smart bulbs, LED light strips, or down lights which supply from LAIMI. Once everything is installed you’ll see how helpful it is to have lighting in your media room or TV room. You can adjust and control your lighting whenever you turn the channel, setting a new colour or mood for everything you watch.


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